Beer and games at home with friends? Count us in!
JUGS Malta has teamed up with Xara Catering to be able to offer you a new kind of party!
If there's one thing everyone has missed during this period, it's spending quality time with friends over some beer, platters, and a game or two. We've got the solution for you!
Team up with your friends, all in your respective households, get food delivered to your doors, and set a time to play one of our fun virtual games!
Yes! It really is that simple!

We have two games to choose from:

  • Wheel of fortune for groups of 20 up to 46 people which is an online video conference challenge.
  • Beer Friday’s Quiz for groups of 46 people and upwards which is an app challenge.

Beer Night Menu

Cold Cuts & Charcuterie to include:

Brie Cheese, Grana Padano, Provolone,

Pork & Dried Fruit Terrine, Salamis, Coppa, Bread,

Hummus, Fruit Chutney, Galletti & Grissini

Dried Fruit, Olives & Tomatoes


2 Cisk Lager 25cl Bottles

How do I book my group event at home? 

Step 1      Bring a group of people from different households together.
Step 2      Email us with your personal details, number of participants, participants’ name and postal addresses, mobile number and selected activity. Kindly let us know the preferred event date and time. The preferred date must be at least 3 days from time of booking.
Step 3      Wait for confirmation and availability of event date – a link to connect with us will be sent to the host.
Step 4      Sit back and wait for your meal to be delivered in the comfort of your home.
Step 5      Connect and join in the fun while staying safe.

How many people can participate?

The minimum number of participants from across households is 20 persons. Our ‘Wheel of Fortune’ activity is for groups of 20-46 persons (think family, friends, and friends of friends) while the ‘Beer Fridays Quiz’ for groups of 46 (think your company’s employees engaging in some fun competition and a delicious meal).

Will we all get our food at the same time of the group event?

You must place your order at least 3 days before the group event is to take place. Deliveries will be done on the day of the activity between 12:00 hrs until 18:00 hrs and all dishes are delivered frozen or half-cooked for guaranteed safety.

What do we need to do to play?

A good internet connection is your main requirement. ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is an online video conference challenge which requires a device per household from which to connect with us and the rest of your team on Zoom. ‘Beer Fridays Quiz’ is an app-based challenge so you’ll need to download the app on your smartphone and connect with us and the rest of your team on Zoom. Our host will then guide you throughout the event from Zoom.

I live alone but would love to participate. Your minimum number of orders per household is two. What can I do?

We suggest adding your order to that of the closest household on your team, so that you can pick it up and join in the fun from your home. Don’t forget your 2-metre distance when picking it up!

I have kids in the house – can they join in on the fun?

Certainly. Xara Catering have put together a kids menu which you can add to your order, and the kids will surely love the competitive spirit which we’ll be bringing into your home with our activities!

So what are you waiting for? Send an e-mail on or call on 79384503!

€25 Per Person
Key Facts
Duration An evening of fun
Size 20 pax minimum
Location At home!
Benefits Night in with friends, something different, beer games, quizzes, great food