March 11, 2020 Could a breath of fresh air be the solution?

Avoid germs, kill anxiety, and take advantage of the good weather by spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Coronavirus has added stress, fear of unknown as well as business implications to the pot. During these times of uncertainty, it is important for businesses to take care of employees' mental health and keep everyone's morale as high as possible. We'd like to help you in your endeavour.

For a limited time, JUGS is offering a 35% discount on selected outdoor activities. Be it a challenging team trek, a game of archery, a fun but educational iPad Treasure Hunt or simply pick and mix from our range of other outdoor team building games to create your own team build, fun infused challenge. Our activities are just what the doctor ordered!!

Here is our list of some fresh outdoor fun we can all do with right now:

 1. Treks

You tell us the time you have and the level you want and our responsible and professional trekkers will guide you through routes that make you begin to wonder if you really are still in Malta.

2. iPad iChallenge /Treasure Hunt

The versatility of iPads allows us to create a fun & educational team building event that will get you to explore Malta, challenge your team and stimulate teamwork. Choose to discover iBirgu, iMdina or iValletta

3. Lip Dub

Even if you can’t sing here’s your chance to be famous…as you plan, prepare and produce your very own music video….

4. Team building

‘If you have a team, you have a common goal and team building is the process that enables your team to achieve that goal.’

Consequently, building a high-performance team should be on everyone’s agenda and this can be achieved through a sequence of planned activities designed to initiate positive and impactful changes for increased group effectiveness.

JUGS years of experience in this field gained us with lists and lists of fun and entertaining activities that have been tried and tested over and over that will bring a fruitful teambuilding experience! Choose from;

- One of our many mind-boggling puzzles (including an XL 3D Puzzle)
- Stay dry in our water games
- Test your coordination and concentration skills in our balancing games
- Break free from a giant maze or a divorce tangle
- Try your luck at a typical Maltese game ‘bocci’ or in our own take of snooker called ‘ flying snooker’
- Show off your creative skills in one of our many building games such as building a paper bridge
- Or if you’re the sporty type choose from our different relay races.

With over 50 outdoor activities to choose from, expect nothing short of 100 %  safe team bonding fun, while at the same time enhance one or more of these common team building goals : improved communication skills, trust & fast decision making, enhanced leadership skills,  creativity & team positivity.

 5.  The making of …a cinematographic genius!

Curb stress and negativity and let your imagination run wild with this fun filled activity where you will get the taste of film making and all the emotions summed up to create a work of cinematographic genius as you create a  30 sec commercial! Move over Spielberg!

 6. Archery

 Enjoy relaxed time in the open with your colleagues while at the same time testing your skills and precision through an ancient traditional sport – archery!

  So take advantage of this limited 35% outdoor team building offer to invest in your team and get them together in a safe, outdoors environment…

Now these are what we like to call actions worth spreading.  We warn you; the result is infectious in the greatest of ways.

 Should you be interested or for more details on these outdoor activities drop us a line on

 Don't miss out!