June 16, 2020 Health and Safety is our Priority


The measures listed below are subject to changes at any given time depending on guidelines issued by public health authorities. 

Venue-Related Practices

  • Adequate hygiene facilities being coordinated with venues
  • Ample space for safe interactions
  • Temperature monitoring stations at entrances
  • Provision of disposable face masks (upon client’s request)
  • Promotion of proper hygiene techniques

Social-Distancing Related Practices

  • Signage encouraging safe distance areas
  • Decreased points of contact between staff and participants as well as between staff members
  • Entrances and exits kept clear to avoid bottle necks
  • Use of stanchions for crowd management where relevant

Equipment-Related Practices

  • Increased disinfection practices on all equipment before event, between activities, and before storage
  • Use of disposable gloves to handle equipment and to avoid contamination
  • Work on site kept to a minimum

Medical-Related Practices

  • Staff access to public health contact numbers
  • Qualified paramedics booked where necessary
  • In the case of ill clients, they will be taken to an isolated area until medical help arrives on location
  • Clients will be required to have access to the contact details (mobile, e-mail address, postal address) of each attendee in case contact tracing is required by public health authorities

Should you wish to book your event with JUGS Malta, please do not hesitate to discuss any of the above protocols. Your safety is our priority.