Mellieha Bay Resort

Do you fit the bill to be the next JUGSer...?

Innovative our first language!
Creativity our main ingredient!
Professional our first name!
Latest vacancy:
Can you juggle with a smile ? Does being part of an awesome squad sound like a thing you can do with right now? We are looking for a superhero to run our operations team. We’re looking for a point of reference for all the planning, running, behind-the-scenes and handing of all events carried out by JUGS. This next JUGSy will join a team that is as performing, motivated as they are crazily fun ….we're the type that when others go out for lunch we team up for a hike & so much laughter that it can get painful......but hey don’t just rely on what we have to say, ask any one of our team to vouch for us. 
Are you ready to form part of an awesome squad? We are looking for crew to join our Warehouse team.
Not seeing your next dream job ? Drop us an email on with your CV. We might not have a vacancy at the moment but if you've got the Jugs creative, energetic, fun, people person charm..we want to hear from you..