Ready Steady Cook...

...or well at least try to or your colleagues will stay hangry ! 

Experience all the thrills and spills of the professional and fully equipped JUGS Kitchen, in our very own twist of the International Master Chef phenomenon! .... LET`S COOK!

This challenge is a simple yet effective culinary team building activity that will get you to cook, eat and bond. It will nourish your tummies as well your mind and team bonding spirit as you are split into teams and given the necessary tools and variety of ingredients to get creative and together cook up the meal of the day within a specific time period  Our judges will then try the dish (poor him or lucky him)  and announce the winner. 
We can personalise the challenge to your needs, for instance one year one client used their food brands for us to cook with.
The outcome ? You’ll learn, laugh and bond….after all food has always connected people…..So come on and book the challenge and if you don’t have it in you to be the next master chef– we can still promise you good wine and laughs with your colleagues 
And why not cook for a cause? 
Take this activity one step further and cook some more so that it ends in a meaningful and worthwhile cause as the extra food prepared is donated to people in need. A worthy team building and CSR activity especially great during Christmas time.
Have a look at the photos/videos of this team-building activity here under. And if you are hungry to know more contact our team.
This is what our clients had to say:
 'JUGS took all the hassle out of our team building event. They handled all the organisation and set up for our cooking challenge, so all we had to do was turn up and get cooking! We all had a great time and left with fun memories and full bellies'…..Dhalia
Key Facts
Duration Half day
Size 10 – 20 pax Indoor / Up to 100 pax outdoor
Location Indoor (ITS & Dar Il-Bniet) Outdoor available for a limited period only (Scouts camp site)
Benefits fun; builds on creativity, communication skills and team cohesion; helps with time management as you stick to deadlines