Become the ultimate agents and solve the case in this high-energy, competitive challenge!

It's time to put communication and memory to the test with our latest high-energy, creative team building challenge!

Channel your inner spy and prove yourself as a worthy agent by cracking cryptic clues and investigating your way through three levels of top-secret training activities, including puzzles, problem-solving and hands-on, creative tasks. You will then need to use your newfound skills in your first official covert mission to discover who killed Number 1!

This engaging and collaborative team activity is designed to put your teamwork, communication and memory to the test. But remember, you'll need your very best disguises too!

There's no time to lose...It’s a race against the clock to earn your training badges and solve the case! 

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Key Facts
Duration 120 minutes
Size min. 2 teams
Location online
Benefits problem solving, team communication, observational skills