Virtual Team Building

Shifting to a remote working setup is a completely new experience and it may feel like a struggle to keep teams engaged and empowered. We’ve always advocated for the importance of team building, and the reason we take it so seriously is because we’ve seen its benefits. 

It’s never been more important to invest in and reward your team.

Keeping in touch with your team not only helps them focus, but also keeps morale high. Our virtual team building activities are suitable for groups of all sizes, making them perfect for individual teams or entire companies:


Virtual Escape Room: Big Blizzard NEWCOMER 

Test your virtual survival instincts and work against the clock to make it home from the winter blizzard.


Virtual 4-Part Challenge NEWCOMER 

A virtual experience that makes your team laugh, talk and bond like no other. Trivia, Fact Matching, Buzz-In, and Pictionary all in one.


Virtual Globetrotter - BESTSELLER 

Take your team around the world and put teamwork, collaboration, and creativity to the test! 


Virtual Murder Mystery BESTSELLER 

Teamwork is the key to succeeding before the killer strikes again. This activity will see colleague join forces as they scramble for solutions.


Virtual Escape Room: Office

If they can escape the room, your team can manage just about anything together. Put them under the spotlight with this invigorating challenge of puzzles, cryptic clues and riddles. 


Virtual Board Game 

Tap into your team’s competitive spirit and get them to strategise and communicate in a quest to crown the reigning lockdown champions. 


Beer Friday’s Quiz

We know how important after-work socials are, so we have created the perfect activity to liven up your team’s evening! We’ve also teamed up with Xara Catering for a mouth-watering add-on. 


We also offer Virtual Team Development, Quiz Nights, Stand-Up Comedy, Icebreakers, Cooking Challenges, and Wine Tasting.

For a quick look at how it all works, have a look at what the Vibe FM team got up to when they tried out virtual team building with JUGS.
If you want to know how it all works, drop us a line:
Key Facts
Duration can be set according to your needs
Size both small and large teams
Location remote working setups
Benefits increase productivity, boost employee morale, encourage creative thinking, encourage problem-solving, reward employees, improve communication