Dickens Christmas Festival

A Victorian Festival that even old Scrooge would love

Dickens Christmas Festival

A Victorian Festival that even old Scrooge would love

Loved for his heart-warming and harrowing tales, we bring the 19th-century penned world of Charles Dickens to life in this exclusively magical Christmas party. Transported to the 19th century by our very own Scrooge, guests are welcomed to a festival of music, costumed characters, and Victorian setups that not even the old miser himself could begrudge. Complete with a mix of authentic scenes and characters from Dickens’ most famous tales roaming around, guests will indulge in mulled wine and roasted chestnuts, listen to children’s carols, take in the lights and magnificent tree. Magicians, balancing acts, jugglers, and bag pipers present charming Christmas scenes and add to the Victorian details found in the rustic feel, old-fashioned rock deco, and outdated carriages. For a fully interactive experience, we’ll add some Christmas stalls and a market complete with live cooking stations. This unique event will truly make you feel as though you were celebrating Christmas back in this famous author’s age. Browse through the photos, watch this fun clip and give us a shout if you like what you see.


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