iChallenge – iPad Treasure Hunt

Our iChallenge treasure hunt takes your team on an exciting journey through Malta's great capital city of Valletta or other historic cities such as Birgu. The iChallange, or iPad treasure hunt, is the perfect way to explore the history and sights of Malta's most iconic cities in a interactive and extraordinary way. It also makes for a unique team-building activity and experience.

In a nutshell, each team (between 4-10 pax per team) will be assigned an iPad which features our iChallenge treasure hunt software. The iPad will allow them to navigate around the city`s hotspots, answering several, general knowledge or location based questions and completing various team photo and team video challenges along the way. 
The iChallenge treasure hunt can be themed or personalised in a variety of different ways. The length of the hunt may also be adjusted to fit your team-building schedule. The iChallenge treasure hunt software has many great features. It shows the exact location of every other team in real time and also displays everybody’s score. This definitely ratchets up the competition element meaning that each team will need to use their wits to plan their strategy and keep ahead. 
We are also offering the iChallenge, iPad Treasure Hunt in Sicily now! Have a look here. 
Have a look at the photos/videos of this team-building activity hereunder & get in touch if you like what you see.  
€195 Per Team
Key Facts
Duration Half Day
Size 10 - 1000 Pax
Location Malta, Gozo, Mdina, Valetta, Birgu
Benefits Shared experiences; team cohesion; light hearted; motivational; creative; competitive.