Virtual Team Building

Connecting and motivating remote teams

Working remotely but struggling to keep teams engaged and empowered is a challenge that you’re not facing alone. Perhaps you want to reward your team for meeting their targets. Or simply want to get them away from the day-to-day stresses and into the fun zone.

We understand and we’ve got your back. Launched in May 2020, our virtual teambuilding events have been an absolute hit with both virtual and hybrid teams. While we agree that nothing beats being together in a room, these events have offered teams of all sizes across the globe with an opportunity to connect, share experiences, and turn screen time into fun time.

Check out our top sellers:

  • Virtual Escape Room: Are you a problem solver? Unlock tasks, puzzles, riddles and codes to break out of the office in time.
  • Virtual 4-Part Challenge: The perfect icebreaker for remote teams including trivia, fact-matching, buzz-in and Pictionary.
  • Virtual Cooking Challenge: Add delicious ingredients to your remote team building experience, led by a professional chef.
  • Virtual Quiz Night: Think your team’s favourite pub quiz setup – delivered online! We recommend adding customisable questions and a celebrity host for added effect.
  • Virtual Globetrotter: Take your team around the world! Put teamwork, collaboration and creativity to the test.
  • Virtual Murder Mystery: CSI meets Cluedo! Solve the crime and capture a killer before time runs out.

Don’t just count on our word – watch the clip and check out our client testimonials below.

If you like what you can see, you can give us a shout and request our virtual teambuilding brochure for full details.


90 mins - 120 mins




Virtual Team Building






“From walking us through a demo of the event, to handling all the details on the day and sending us the photos and videos taken shortly after, the process handled by Jugs was simple, which allowed us to enjoy the team building event worry-free.” - Michaela Bonello, Izola Bank



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