Whacky Olympics

Our whacky olympics corporate team-building event embraces everything that is true and great about these iconic occasions. Add to this a quirky twist and a dash of JUGSY pixy dust and we will make this an unforgettable day for all! 

Our Whacky Olympics team-building event is the perfect cross between a ‘School Sports Day’ and the classic ‘It’s a Knockout’ integrating huge inflatables with the more well-known Olympic pastimes. The group will be divided into teams of 8-10 pax per team and individuals will be required to participate in a selection of games.  Our collection of races such as the three legged egg race, the inheritance relay and the pram race together with water games, football and tug of war means there is something for everyone irrespective of their age or ability! 
As with all of our Corporate Events and team-building activities, our whacky olympic team-building event can be specifically designed to suit your budget, number of participants, time and space available.  Whacky olympic Events are as hilarious to watch as they are to take part in … have a look at the photos and videos for yourself… 
This is what our client had to say:
‘Year after year JUGS have proved to be extremely innovative in making our organisations team-building events one to remember for all! Always having a ‘Yes I can’ approach while offering an efficient and professional service. Definitely the best on the island!’ Naomi Barry, Human Resource Coordinator, Fenech and Fenech Advocates.
Have a look at the photos/videos of this team-building activity hereunder & get in touch if you like what you see.  

Key Facts
Duration Half day/ full day
Size 25 - 300 pax
Location Ta Qali sports grounds or any other sports grounds of a decent size
Benefits Loads of fun; promotes communication; team cohesion and competition.