Conference Icebreakers

Get your team pumped and boost audience engagement

Conference Icebreakers

Get your team pumped and boost audience engagement

Conference icebreakers? We’ve got you covered!

Kick start your conference or company away-day in the right way, with an effective icebreaker that will set the tone for your event, boost audience engagement and create the right conditions for a successful company meeting. We’re a one-stop-shop for corporate events on the island – so apart from impressing your guests, we’re also teambuilding experts – and that’s where our icebreakers come in.

Change your Rhythm is an entertaining icebreaker in which participants will use empty water tanks as percussive drums. A percussionist will teach them the basic cycles of music bars and learning different rhythm cycles. Everyone’s contribution is imperative to work together and create one loud song.

Boomwhackers is the perfect start to any networking activity! Using these awesome tools, participants will interact and recreate a popular song together. An effective and fun activity that ensures everyone’s involvement. The end result? We’ll let you hear that for yourselves.

Boxed Up is a fantastic stress reliever which encourages communication and an element of trust. Led by a fitness instructor, participants will relax, unwind, and learn a few boxing exercise – all while having a fun time.

We can also provide hosting services and digital polling platforms to keep your delegates engaged throughout, or simply a short energiser like the one in the video below.

Find out how to host engaging corporate conferences and give us a shout if you’re ready to get your team pumped.


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