Adult ball-pit

Adult ball-pit

Josef was not very amused this morning when we decided to turn his office into a mighty, JUGSY, adult ball-pit. He quickly came round when we could not help ourselves and started diving into the balls like the giant kids that we are, and joined in the fun too!  

The adult ball-pit pretty much sums up our philosophy when it comes to our events and activities. Our ultimate objective is that of amazing our clients and providING them with memorable experiences. Whether this means making them feel like they are kids again, transporting them to another era or an adrenaline rush making them feel invincible and on top of the world, we love to create unique experiences which are geared to thrill and motivate your employees. 

We’ve had an incredible 2018 and as the year draws to an end we are already prepping to hit the ground running in 2019 with more fun and out-of-the-box ideas.

From all of us at Jugs, we wish you a fantastically Merry Christmas and cheers to 2019!



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