Case Study: Summer Lovin’ had Blexr a Blast

Case Study: Summer Lovin’ had Blexr a Blast

Autumn, winter, spring, summer… whatever the season, we love creating team events that scream fun, ooze team spirit, and leave an aftermath of motivation. We absolutely loved combining all those elements into Blexr’s office summer party, where we splashed them with the most unexpected company day out by the pool, brimming with activities that got them singing to their favourite tunes.

From adrenaline-pumping teambuilding activities to more relaxed poolside games, to themed venue setup, the sizzling sound of a BBQ, an open bar, and a live DJ. We’re bursting with a whole load of ideas to share with you that will please everyone, exceed expectations, and offer a unique experience for your guests.

Our event with Blexr included these awesome elements:

  • Poolside games: Team up and compete in one of our games such as connect 4, crazy golf, table tennis, and Jenga. Alternatively, you might want to get back at your boss with our awesome Dunk Tank feature.
  • Inflatable games: What’s a party without an inflatable? We’ve got the expected pool inflatables and other unexpected ones such as an inflatable gladiator with which to whack your most annoying colleague.
  • Food & Drinks: A sizzling BBQ and full bar setup to keep your guests happy.
  • Venue: Themed decor and a dance floor to top it all off.
  • Chillout area: So you can work on your tan and sip cocktails all day.
  • Entertainment: A live DJ spinning tunes to dance the night away at the final closing party.

Ready for your team’s summer staff party? Leave it to us, and all you have to do is show up ready to have a blast!




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