Case Study: Taking Mudders Into Our Own Hands

Case Study: Taking Mudders Into Our Own Hands

The past two years have brought their fair share of obstacles with them, but 2022 presented us with obstacles we were actually excited to face – an entire course of them in fact! The world-renowned Tough Mudder was ready to break into a new market this year, and the JUGS team was ready to get their hands dirty and make it happen.

Organising the first ever Tough Mudder event in Malta wasn’t all fun and games though. Take a look at our case study below to learn more about our event-planning process from start to finish.


The first step to planning an event overseas is to bring the local experts on board to help you navigate unfamiliar territories. That’s where our team came in. From choosing the right equipment and vendors to location scouting and event set-up, our main goal was to not only meet the expectations of our client and the event participants, but to exceed them.

One of the most challenging obstacles we had to face was finding the perfect venue as, in the case of outdoor events such as Tough Mudder, an extensive area of open space is required. After scouring the islands for the perfect event venue, we found one particular location which met all our specifications, offering enough outdoor space and parking capacity to fit the needs of our participants, spectators and the entire team working behind the scenes.


Both digital and experiential marketing have become crucial tools to break into a new market. Together with our marketing partners, we pushed Tough Mudder’s incredibly unique selling point through the advertising of the event as a teambuilding activity for companies and fitness centres, and an opportunity to push physical boundaries with friends, and the event tickets practically sold themselves.

We curated engaging content for our target audiences and garnered an impressive reach in the run-up to the first edition of Tough Mudder Malta (yes, more Tough Mudder events will be announced soon!). Throughout the months following our first announcement posts, we shared a consistent stream of photos from previous Tough Mudder competitions across the globe, how-to video clips of training exercises to prepare for particular Tough Mudder challenges and we even organised a few online contests to win free tickets!

However, our favourite on-ground awareness campaign has to be the interactive stand which our team set up on the University of Malta campus throughout Freshers’ Week to challenge anyone who dares to a Tough Mudder taster. This not only went down a treat, particularly with competitive students, but also got people talking about the Tough Mudder event. Mission accomplished!


Striking the perfect balance between authenticity and maintaining consistency with the established Tough Mudder brand was a priority. For this reason, we collaborated closely with Tough Mudder Headquarters to build a custom obstacle course in Malta which tests each participant’s teamwork skills and pushes both their mental and physical boundaries, based on the client’s design specifications.

From taking the obstacle course to new heights with the Pyramid Scheme and Everest 2.0, and building the trickier Black Widow and Electroshock Therapy obstacles, to keeping our participants going with upbeat music throughout the event (and hooking them up with some delicious street food once they were done racing), we couldn’t have been prouder of the end-product we delivered. And if the massive smiles on our participants’ mud-filled faces are anything to go by, we’d say the event was a great success.

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