Your Guide to Choosing a Conference Venue in Malta

Your Guide to Choosing a Conference Venue in Malta

If you’re on the lookout for an appealing destination to serve as a backdrop for your next conference, you’ve come to the right place – literally. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of planning a conference in a foreign destination, let’s make sure that Malta checks all your boxes: Warm hospitality? Check. Great weather year-round? Check. Unique venues with modern amenities? Check.

Now, let’s talk priorities:


If a spacious exhibition centre is what you’re after, then your best bet will most likely be the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre, better known as the MFCC. Located in a central part of the island, this purpose-built venue was designed to accommodate events attended by thousands of participants. While the space is indeed versatile and can be changed up to suit practically any conference format, bear in mind that the venue’s size may be excessive for smaller conferences, and transportation to and from the venue might also require additional planning.

Tip: Ready to try out a different kind of breakout session? Make the most of the open air by organising an outdoor event that fosters collaboration among conference participants by tasking them with solving puzzles and unearthing hidden geocaches around Ta’ Qali. If the weather doesn’t permit, worry not – we’ve also got a couple of indoor icebreaking tricks up our sleeves too.


We get it – as far as conference locations go, the capital city is in a league of its own. Starting off with the iconic Mediterranean Conference Centre, this particularly distinctive venue is housed in the historic Sacra Infermeria; a 16th-century hospital built by the Knights of St John. Apart from the panoramic terrace on the top floor, the venue offers varied spaces which can easily be reconfigured to suit any particular session formats or activities you may have in mind for your next conference.

For conferences targeting a smaller to medium-sized crowd, you might want to consider the Phoenicia Hotel, which is located right on Valletta’s doorstep. Apart from providing just the right mix of traditional charm and modern amenities, this venue’s various indoor and outdoor spaces could also serve as more intimate settings to any workshops or networking sessions organised throughout the conference.

Tip: Immerse yourself in the captivating tales and architectural wonders of the UNESCO-listed capital city with a unique treasure hunt that will that takes conference participants through the cobbled streets, by the ancient forts, and into the charming squares of Valletta.


If luxury, sophistication and convenience are what you’re after, why not consider organising your conference at the same hotel your guests will be staying at?

The Xara Palace, nestled within the medieval city of Mdina, offers a unique combination of historical charm and state-of-the-art amenities. Providing an elegant setting for a professional gathering on a smaller scale, the quaintness of the Xara Palace sets this venue apart from more conventional hotel brands.

However, globally recognised brands, such as the Hilton, the Marriott-owned Westin Dragonara Resort and InterContinental hotel, may not only appeal to international attendees, but also offer service quality you can bank on. Another plus here is that the above-mentioned hotels are all centrally located in one of the most popular areas on the island; the vibrant city of St. Julians.

Tip: A stay on an island in the heart of the Mediterranean wouldn’t be complete without an actual dip in the Mediterranean Sea. Take this golden opportunity to surprise conference attendees with some fun water sports, like Stand Up Paddling and Tandem Kayaking, after your event.


From megalithic temples to baroque palaces, Malta’s got a lot to offer in terms of one-of-a-kind event venues. If you’re looking beyond just securing a venue and are interested in unlocking a unique experience for your guests, you might wish to consider renting out one of Heritage Malta’s exclusive venues whose walls echo with centuries of stories.

Whether it’s the commanding views of the Grand Harbour from Fort St. Angelo or the intricate interiors of Villa Bighi which have caught your eye, one thing’s for sure – these particular conference settings will always stand a cut above the rest.

Tip: Go the extra mile by planning an artistic networking activity to create a 360° collaborative painting that will not only get your guests talking, but will leave you with an extraordinary memento of the conference.

Ultimately, the choice between venues depends on one thing – you. From your conference goals and budgets, to your preferred event atmosphere and the specific needs of your attendees, there’s a lot to consider before locking down a venue for your next corporate event. If you need a helping hand to get the event planning started, or some additional guidance through the entire process, give us a shout.



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