Ultimate Guide: Hybrid Conferences and Online Meetings in 2021

Bringing hundreds of employees, clients and stakeholders together online for an effective corporate event might seem like an impossible feat. We’ve done it and we want to share our secret ingredient with you: use technology to its fullest potential!

How? It’s actually pretty simple… Video conferencing has come a long way, and standard online calls just won’t cut it anymore. It’s all about scale: multiple video calls running simultaneously, thousands of audience members rotating on an impressively large digital screen, and the possibility to engage with your online audience at any time.

  • Hybrid meeting setups are perfect for all kinds of events.
    From product launches to award shows, motivational speeches, internal and external company events – the sky’s the limit. Our setup allows you to redefine audience interaction without having to ask anyone to leave the comfort of their own home!
  • Going green? Here’s a chance to lead by example.
    This online event will allow you to approach things with an eco-friendly stance. You can reduce the negative impact of air travel on the environment, go digital with all resources that would generally be physical, and cut out on unnecessary waste – without having to eliminate the feeling of grandeur that comes with a physical event.
  • Plus, why not take full advantage of the online-ness?
    You can break down the barriers of physical events and have guests and speakers from all walks of life and all over the world in one place.
  • Give your sponsors and stakeholders the value they’re looking for.
    Increased accessibility allows anyone to join, no matter where they are. And this increased accessibility also means increased visibility, for your brand, guests, speakers, and sponsors.


Like the sound of that? Give us a shout and we’ll make it happen.


How-to: Maximise On The Impact of Online Meetings

The idea of an online event is a language everyone can understand nowadays, but to really leave a mark, you’re going to have to do something more than your run-of-the-mill video conference. Our tech gurus have explored new and innovative ways of getting staff and clients together with for corporate meetings, conferences, and incentives without them actually being together, while still getting the message across.

Cue virtual and/or hybrid meetings. We can help you create online events that surpass all expectations. Think of hundreds (even thousands) of people on a singular, high-quality video call (that doesn’t freeze every two minutes) for your next company presentation. Think of effective presentations, interactions and virtual icebreakers that get your team pumping no matter where they are. The possibilities are endless.

  • Travel restrictions are officially a thing of the past
    And we’re not only talking about the guests. You can work with international speakers and sponsors and grow your audience beyond physical limitations, while also by-passing expensive travel fees.
  • Focus your time and money on getting your message across
    Providing participants with an exciting and unique experience in the process, that will allow you to present yourself as an innovative and forward-looking organisation.
  • Practice what you preach and approach things with an eco-friendly attitude
    If your company has a green ethos, this is the perfect way to bring it to full fruition. Help reduce the impact of travel on the environment, cut down on the production of physical resources and collective waste.

From trade shows to conferences, product launches and award shows, we’ve got the resources to make it happen. 

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Spotlight on 2018: Impressive Conference Themes and Setups

What makes an awesome conference? The possibilities are endless.

In 2018, our conference and audiovisual team’s creativity took us to a whole new level. From impressive backdrops, awesome audiovisuals, effective entertainment, and custom-made props and staging – we really brought out the big guns!

Here’s a look back at some of our most talked-about conference setups in Malta and beyond in 2018:

  • Coty Inc.’s Conference at the InterContinental Arena Conference Centre (Malta)

  • Bard Medical’s Annual Congress & Awards Ceremony at the InterContinental Arena Conference Centre (Malta)

  • Hili Ventures’ Communication Day at Costa Navarino (Greece)

Give us a shout if an impressive conference setup is what you’re after.

Event Tips: 3 Steps to Running a Successful Hybrid Conference

With larger online audiences than ever before, the need to stand out and keep your audience engaged is greater than it’s ever been. We sat down with our tech gurus, who shared with us the three steps behind the creation of a hybrid conference in which they brought a 3000-pax online audience to life.

Step 1 – Idea Generation:

  • outlining the client’s needs and targets
  • proposing a suitable venue and drafting the overall event design
  • presenting digital renders which we then brought to life
  • helping to establish the desired end result

Step 2 – Technical Setup:

  • identifying suitable equipment for the desired setup
  • planning all elements of the event and bringing them together
  • bringing those elements to life with efficiency and professionalism
  • scheduling the technical setup and the full logistics team

Step 3 – Event Management & Presentation:

  • all hands on deck to rehearse and test all the tech
  • running the event and offering technical support throughout
  • allowing the client to take centre-stage while we present the audience with an unforgettable experience
  • providing a copy of the event which can be distributed or used in the future


From award shows and product launches, internal presentations, client events, and motivational talks – you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on quality just because you’re going online.

Give us a shout – we’re here to help make sure you can succeed.