Remote Working: Why You Should Go The Distance

Case Study: Adding the Wow Factor to the IFR Championship Cup

What an event! More than just a football tournament, the IFR Championship Cup has its own IFR Village and numerous networking opportunities. In a nutshell, it’s a FUNtastic sporting event raising funds for a great cause. In just two years, it raided €22,000 for charity – impressive and just the kind of things we love to support.

The client’s brief: give the event a wow factor and entertain participants and guests, whatever their age and capabilities.

In this vein, we retrace the fun and challenging games, fierce competition and team spirit that went down in September 2019, as we explore the 4 most important highlights of IFR as voted by the JUGS crew.

A bespoke conference in an unusual setting

It was fun, mad, crazy yet our creative juices came to life in order to transform a not-so-typical conference venue  – a car showroom – into an opening ceremony event fit for a panel of speakers and a number of guests. The checklist included backdrop, stages, screens, comfort monitors, audio, lighting … and of course, an after-party: all of which we set up within a 24-hour timeframe!

A knock-your-socks-off party

This is one of the best parts of our job – getting a crowd to network and have fun. And if a glass of Prosecco is known to get the party started, then what would a whole wall of it do? Our prosecco wall brought a unique touch to the event and is a perfect example of our creativity. We combined this with live entertainment and violinists who played in sync with a live DJ – bringing a unique touch of fun and class to the event.

Adrenaline-pumping teambuilding for the whole family

Time flies when you’re testing your strength and balance, and trying to remain the last one standing on our gladiator inflatable joust. While the football tournament took place, we had a whole lotta inflatable fun set up for the entire family: from a Human Table Soccer, Giant Dart Board, Gladiator Ring, Soccer Dart, an 8-metre Climbing Wall, Giant Connect 4, Draughts Table, Table Tennis, and more. The aim: ensuring buzz endorphins could be felt from whichever side you were on – participating and spectating. May we add that all this was set up in the only blistering rainy & windy week of summer … and of course, we made it happen.

The ultimate chillout experience

Not all of us are Ronaldo’s that can run for hours without experiencing a mini-heart attack! What puts this event above others is the extra unique touches that it provides, such as the chillout area. Instead of the usual tables, chairs and bar, we put together a combination of plants, sofas, bean bags and virtual reality games to give guests the ultimate way to wind down, wander off and forget their pains and troubles.


Exceeding expectations is something we love to do and it’s safe to say this event was one for the books. It ultimately boils down to careful planning and organisational skills, so if you want to create an event that’s just as memorable, think no more and give us a shout.

Ultimate HR Guide: Generational Differences in the Workplace

Generational differences can often lead to misunderstandings and a lack of respect amongst coworkers. Over time, these disputes can erode employee morale and even affect the bottom line.

They often manifest themselves in differences in behaviour, responses and reactions. Millennial communication styles for example, often cause tension with older generations at work. One in three millennials think they are good, efficient, communicators and prefer to focus on the process required in order to achieve the desired outcome. From the other perspective, many baby boomers and those from Generation X consider themselves personal communicators who are focused on building human connections and relationships.


These differences in styles of communication command the respective generation’s approach to communications in the place of work. For example, about a third of millennials use social media and instant messaging to communicate daily with colleagues and clients, compared to circa 1 in 10 of baby boomers. Apart from communication styles, Millennials are typically much more focused on their life/work balance when compared to baby boomers and Generation X who are known to be the cut-throat hard-workers. This could also create much antagonism. When it comes to technological knowledge Millennials are extremely well-versed and ahead of their predecessors and this is an important asset when hiring millennials. Due to rapid technological progress, for Millennials, modern technology is an extension of themselves, and thus, it is not just a hobby, but a way of life.

  • How can these generational differences affect the bottom line? Miscommunication and misunderstandings generate mutual feelings of disconnection and potential friction at the place of work which in turn affects employee morale and motivation. As a consequence less engagement eventually takes its toll on employee productivity and performance. This domino effect or chain reaction inevitably bites a chunk out of the bottom line. 
  • How can differences be addressed and overcome? Firstly, recognise that these differences exist and that they account for many instances of miscommunication, perceived disrespect or friction between coworkers. Many of the older generations are offended by Millennials’ casual approach to authority, while Millennials may not understand the older generations’ adherence to rules and regulations. However, if the generations take some time to understand each other’s backgrounds and values, they will recognise the role of generational differences in their office behaviour. It ultimately all boils down to open communication and mutual understanding. Put yourself in the other generation’s shoes so as to understand their perspective and reasoning.

An effective way of promoting cross-generational engagement is through synchronised team-building and training workshops which really give different generations the opportunity to step on the other side, immerse themselves and come out with a newfound perspective and appreciation. 

Working with teams from different client companies, the different cross-cultural or generational differences have become evident, as has the need for better and more long-lasting cross-generational engagement at the place of work.

Together with our training partners at Mdina International, we have developed a team-building and training programme: Generation XYZ. It purely deals with all of the issues mentioned here in a down-to-earth, engaging way. The programme is based on a vast study carried out by Esprimi (Business Leaders Malta), which helps understand the differences and similarities between generations.  

Drop us a line if you would like to find out how your team can benefit from this programme.


Event Inspiration: Take Your Team to Sicilia

Is your management team ready for a day away from the island … and onto another? Our teambuilding day in Sicily might just be what they need.


We’ve developed a fantastic, customised iPad Challenge specifically for Ragusa, but we have also teamed up with Barbuto Natural Products, who are known for their award-winning olive oil, to take you on a tour of their Agriturismo and get a hands-on taste of life on the farm.

What else is on the agenda? Pizza-making, a visit to the Latteria and chocolate-making in Modica… we’ve got a deliciously-filled day of activities that will satisfy your team’s appetite.


Give us a shout if you’re ready to get planning.

Case Study: VIBE FM’s Battle of the Virtual Radio Hosts

One Radio Station. Two Teams. 

We teamed up with popular radio station VIBE FM and hosted a virtual teambuilding challenge between The Morning Vibe and The Traffic Threesome’s radio hosts.

Check out this clip to find out who the winner was (hint: it was a surprise for all of us).

Give us a shout to organise your virtual teambuilding event.

Ultimate Guide: Summer Team Events in 2021

Been working from home and looking to reconnect with your team? If you’re struggling to figure out how to bring the team back together in a fun and safe way, you’re not alone. Our awesome team has put together some suggestions for a corporate event that will make you everyone’s favourite once you’re back at the office.

What’s your team’s favourite thing to do in summer?

Poolside Frenzy: for the team that will love cooling off by the pool after a round of team bonding

  • Team Builds: Build, model and race your team’s very own car, bus, boat or puppet in this competitive and engaging teambuilding event.
  • 10-Min Challenges: A mix of entertaining and fruitful teambuilding activities that will get your team to gel-like never before. 
  • Giant Games: Get your fun on with giant Jenga, giant connect 4, giant beer pong, mini-golf, table tennis, dunk tank or human table soccer.
  • LipDub: Create your very own music video and master your lip-synching skills with this super fun teambuilding event!

Fun in the Sun: for the team that loves soaking up the sun and wants nothing more than to get out of the house

  • Treasure Hunts: Walking, driving, traditional, digital – we’ve got them all and they’re a perfect way to transfer your work bubble outdoors!
  • Kayaking & SUPs: Feeling adventurous? Paddle your worries away and make the most of the gorgeous Mediterranean sea.
  • Gozo TukTuk Challenge: Make your way to the sister island for a quirky and safe outdoor experience and a few customised challenges along the way.
  • Archery: Organising a lunch and looking for a fun team challenge to kickstart your team’s day? Grab a bow and arrow and look no further!

Virtual Vibes: if your team’s working from home but missing the gang – virtual shouldn’t mean boring!

  • Virtual Quiz Night: A celebrity host, customised quiz questions, funky branded setup, and snacks delivered to your team’s homes. Sounds like a plan? 
  • Virtual Wine Tasting: Delight your senses and become a wine connoisseur for the day, in this classy take on private virtual experiences.
  • Virtual Cooking Challenge: Our teambuilding kitchen features a professional chef who will guide your taste buds to heaven in this shared online experience.
  • Virtual Teambuilding: Choose from the virtual treasure hunt, murder mystery, globetrotter, or any other virtual event that will motivate your remote team.

Like what you see? Let’s get planning for your team’s summer event

Event Tips: 4 Tips to Motivate Remote Teams

The benefits to remote working are endless, but sometimes it may still feel like a struggle to keep teams engaged and empowered. We know this from experience and we’ve also spoken to a number of clients who have shared their struggles, their tips, and even their day-to-day wins.

Here’s what we learnt:

  • Communication is key:
    It can be very easy to work in silos when the only person in the room is, well, yourself.  We’ve noticed that keeping in touch with the people in your team not only helps you focus but also keeps morale high. Our virtual teambuilding activities will automatically connect the team on a virtual platform, where they need to complete a series of fun tasks and challenges.
  • Think outside the box:
    A new form of work requires a new way of thinking. If your team is struggling to get their creative juices flowing, why not let everyone wind down with our remote teams trivia? By adding some fun to your week, you’ll not only be reconnecting with everyone in a more relaxed environment but also helping everyone to exercise their brain muscles and think more clearly.
  • Company culture does not require a building:
    Most companies have worked tirelessly to build a culture that reflects the organisation and the people that form part of it and we cannot stress the importance of using that culture to guide you on your remote working journey. Whether it’s a virtual escape room or the 4-part challenge, we can help you organise everything remotely.
  • Team building does not have to stop:
    At JUGS, we’ve always advocated for the importance of teambuilding, and the reason we take it so seriously is because we’ve seen its benefits. Just because teams aren’t meeting face-to-face, it doesn’t mean that teambuilding activities have to stop. Check out our virtual teambuilding for ideas on how to get your team to feel stronger and more connected than ever.


We hope our tips have helped guide you in the right direction. Give us a shout to book your next virtual event.