Event Tips: 5 Ways To Personalise Your Company Meeting Or Conference

Event Tips: 5 Ways To Personalise Your Company Meeting Or Conference

Dull, monotone and boring conferences – don’t let yours be one! When done right, company meetings and conferences are a brilliant way of making your brand stand out. Delegates will remember how you made them feel, stakeholders will be on the lookout to see what you stand for, and no matter what it is you want to communicate about your company, the possibilities of how you do that are endless:


Make your meeting or conference a holistic experience, by implementing your brand elements wherever possible. Think colours, merchandise, stickers, and signage all across your venue: in the entrance, stairways, on columns and in hallways. The sky’s the limit.


Make your delegates feel comfortable by organising a fun and energising activity. Icebreakers are a unique way to kick off your conference! They set the tone for the event, boost engagement and help people to network. It’s a win win situation.

Speaker Support

Inviting specialised speakers on stage to entertain and engage your audience with a related topic of interest is important … but it’s not enough! Nothing is more awkward than a presentation that won’t load, or audio that keeps disconnecting. Give your speakers the audiovisual support to enhance their presentations, and keep your delegates connected and interested in the process.

Interactive Tools

Long days of speeches and presentations can get boring, so you need to find innovative ways to break up the day and keep your delegates engaged. This is where our Q&A and polling platform works wonders time and time again. It helps your audience to get the most out of meetings and events by bridging the gap between speakers and delegates.

Chillout Areas

Allow your delegates to catch a breath between speakers and presentations. Fun chillout areas provide delegates with an opportunity to discuss conference topics and mingle with one another, overall making the conference experience a more enjoyable one. 

Like the sound of this? Give us a shout and we’ll set you up in no time.



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